Ver la versión completa : Legicoin, nueva moneda.

17/01/2018, 23:39
Esta a punto de salir esta nueva moneda, registraros si quereís ganaros unas gratis.

Mi referido: Legitcoin Presents Cryto Revolution (https://legt.me/125634)

17/01/2018, 23:42
Al parecer queda 20 minutos para que salgam si te registras te dan 10$ gratis de estas.

18/01/2018, 14:36
ya salio esta moneda??

24/01/2018, 09:02
"LegitCoin ConclusionIf someone tried to sell you a blank piece of paper for $2 today, claiming it was going to be worth $200 by the end of 2018, would you pay that man $2? Probably not. That’s what Legitcoin is trying to do.
The company appears to be a complete scam with no real products, services, or value. In fact, the only “value” of the coin comes from the development team’s promise: the team claims the coin will be worth $80 by March 2018, rising even higher by the end of the year. There’s no proof supporting this valuation, and there’s no reason to believe LEGIT is worth even $0.10.
Based on all the information we can find online, Legitcoin is yet another scam coin (https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/bitcoin-mlm-network-marketing-ponzi-scam-pyramid-schemes/). It’s the furthest thing from a “legit” investment opportunity."

(Moneda de recontra pija)

24/01/2018, 10:44
t.t baia