Good news here! A very easy way to save money.


CooliCool Oficial
13 Mar 2014
How to get the coupon and save money?

Share a rom for products of coolicool

rom requirments:
1.No matter where the rom is from, manufacuturer site, other forums, other sites or your brain, it is OK. But it can't repeat the existing roms in
2.Post the rom in the "Cell Phone Discussion ‹ Cell Phone firmware download". This also will help you to find if the rom is already in the forum or not.
3.With a tutorial. Better with a review of the rom. such as the update of the rom or the problems it can fix.
4.If it is just copied from other places, you can get a $10 coupon. If the rom is customized by yourself, you can get a $20 coupon.

After you post the files above, pls post the link in the thread( in case that I miss your posts). If your posts meet the above requirments, I will creat a coupon and PM you.
But I need to tell you a rule of coolicool, that is, every order can only use one coupon. It is your choice to use which coupon in your hand if you get two or above.

So why still hesitate? Act now!

$10 coupon : orders value must ≥ $119
$20 coupon: orders value must ≥ $219

The coupon valid time is a month.